A Guide to Partial Dentures

Partial Denture Cleveland, TX

A partial denture is a great way to restore not only your smile but also your confidence. This guide will highlight all of the critical aspects of dentures to help you make the best decisions you can.

What is it?

A partial denture is a removable insert in your mouth, filling gaps created by missing teeth with fake replacement teeth. The replacements look lifelike and are functional in your daily life. It is an excellent option for people looking to bring back their old smiles, as it is much cheaper and more adaptable than implants. 

Who needs it?

Generally, anyone with multiple teeth missing in their mouth is a candidate for one. There are other factors to consider, however. For example, any loose or damaged teeth should be pulled first so that replacements can be added to the denture, and surrounding teeth must be strong enough to support the denture. 

What types of partial dentures are out there?

There are three main kinds of partial dentures: acrylic, metal, and flexible. Each has its pros and cons. Acrylic dentures can be modified to add more fake teeth to them if necessary. Acrylic dentures are usually the cheapest, both in price and quality. This means that they will need to be replaced and repaired more often, and they can be uncomfortable in your mouth and lead to irritation.    

Metal dentures can be modified like acrylic ones but are much sturdier and more comfortable. However, they are more expensive and noticeable in your mouth, as they look like metal instead of blending into the flesh. 

Flexible dentures are more lightweight and comfortable than either of the other two. They also last the longest. They tend to be more expensive than acrylic ones but are less costly than metal dentures. However, they cannot be modified or repaired if they accidentally break.

Caring for them

You will need to care for your denture just as consistently as you do for your teeth. It should be brushed gently with a soft-bristled brush, mild soap, and warm water after every meal to prevent bacteria and stains from accumulating on it. Stiff bristles, caustic cleaning products, and hot water will scratch, damage, and warp it. 

It should also be soaked every night in warm water or a gentle cleaning solution. Care should be taken not to drop it, especially when cleaning it; it is best to clean it over a soft towel or bowl of water if it slips from your hands.


Although taking proper care of your denture will minimize the need for a repair, inevitably, the time will come. If the denture starts to fit more poorly in your mouth over time, it is essential to take it in to be readjusted. Failure to do so puts it at greater risk of damage.

Even if your denture does crack or break, it can likely be repaired. You should consult with your dentist to discuss your options. It is important not to repair it at home or wear it when it’s broken or damaged. Doing so can damage both the denture and your mouth further.

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